Parking Lot Issue #2

Karagianni, Katerina (Ed.)

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Parking Lot is an independent non-commercial hand-made publication that acts as a platform for original works by international contemporary artists, thinkers, poets, writers and activists.”, a riso-printed magazine with 16 text and image contributions by Sohrab Bayat, George Dechev and Kristina Mirova, Sinon Hempel, Kristinsson, Joris Lindhout, Lucia Macari, Charlott Markus, Louisa Minkin and Francis Summers, Junko Murakawa, Helena Sanders, Jacqueline Schoemaker, Michael Sieben, Axelle Stiefel, Felicia von Zweigbergk, and a flexi disc by Idan Hayosh, stapled, 27,5 x 19 cm, 50 pages, ed/250, Amsterdam 2016