Almeida, Patrícia

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“Photography can be a game of sorts playing with our expectations. Take the Algarve, for instance, which is Patrícia Almeida’s theatre of operations in this book. We know something about it from hearsay as a locus classicus of contemporary hedonism. And we have seen announcements in airports, of flights to Faro, the port of entry. Anyone curious to know about European society and culture and about our present plight would probably want to know what the Algarve looks like, if only as a test of preconceptions. Here it is, and more or less as you would have expected: mainly youthful flesh, blue denim, neon signs and tacky settings, frayed and scuffed.”

colour photographs documenting the popular holiday destination Algarve on the southern coast of Portugal, through her photographs Almeida investigates the culture, décor and people (both locals and tourists) of Algarve, which seems to have become a magnet for adolescent party-loving Europeans drawn to the many night clubs, pools and beaches, an amusement park for adults with brightly coloured drinks, a jungle of hotel complexes, eternal sunshine and lots of exposed skin, with brief texts in Portuguese and English by Ian Jeffrey and  David-Alexandre Guéniot, hard cover, 22,5 x 18 cm, 102 pages, (Lisbon) 2008

ISBN: 978-989-20-1461-6