Room In A City

Gray, Carmen

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Affective and space struggles in the city of Warsaw during a ten-month stay’ 

A booklet with an inventive format containing an essay that incorporates both personal experiences and cultural theories such as Affect theory and actor-network theory, the author describes her thoughts on living in a strange city with an unfamiliar architecture, geography, culture and history, she often struggles to get used to get used to her new environment but eventually builds a relationship with the city of Warsaw:

“Now the city is not the same anymore, as my room is not the one I arrived at any longer. All the things experienced inside it have changed the actual place and the relation to it, they have charged it with good and bad memories, but memories at last. The city has been a battleground for all these affects. … The affects embedded within my building, [Remi’s], the way from place to place, or even the metro stop are now of a complete different nature. Of course, they will be reshaped with new ones, when someone else will take our rooms in about a month’s time now, and they will look through this very same window, and see this very building in the distance, without knowing any of this.

Illustrated with reproduced b/w photographs of scenes in Warsaw, with a signed reproduced colour photograph (12,5 x 19 cm unfolded) of people lunching in a Warsaw café, sewn, in a printed-on paper wrapper, 15 x 10,5 cm, 32 pages, numbered ed/50, Amsterdam 2019