Salticidae Icius

Hehewerth, Dieuwertje

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“The publication is a research on independent art spaces and initiatives. It will host a meandering text by myself which follows my travels to Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Rome this summer, and contributors from spaces and initiatives who I came into contact with throughout this research.

The invitation to contribute is completely open to interpret in which ever form you choose. So far, the contributions span anywhere from outlining the context from which they operate, to interviews, to presenting themselves and what they do, or using it as a space to exhibit. Together, the contributions slowly start to address the topic of independent initiatives through a variety of angles and approaches.”

a unique and creative exploration of independent art spaces in Europe, text in English, soft cover, 19,5 x 12,5 cm, 192 pages, n.p. 2019

ISBN: 978-90-90322-32-2