Selected Works Vol. 6 Snaps

Wasmuth, Tom

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“Vagabond photography: use a cheap camera. fixed focus. move a bit around the planet or maybe just a bit around your neighborhood or even just around your room. wait for light conditions slightly dimmer than the film is made for. also: in very low light do time exposures by instinct. click it open. wait a while. let it shut. let prints fade slowly over the years, even decades. sometimes you may catch the showers of vibrating particles and flying photon sparks of which all is made. don’t buy much film. this makes every shot count and adds pressure to the moment. once in a while someone great loans you a good camera. fine. thanks allot.”

Reproductions of more than 50 photographs of places, people and little magical moments, accompanied by a brief English text by the artist, hard cover, 23 x 33,5 cm, 30 not numbered pages, Schöftland Zürich 2001

ISBN: 3-905657-02-3