Shaky Ground Traces Of The Great War At The Ypres Salient

Dekens, Peter

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Dekens was first confronted with the horrors of the First World War at the age of twelve when his cousin died after handling an unexploded shell at Ypres, 38 years later Dekens tries to map out the area around Ypres where so many people lost their lives, he does so by combining eyewitness accounts, historical photographs and maps with his own photographs of the Ypres area and the archeological excavations taking place there; the First World War signified a devided Europe, torn apart by conflict; the book seems to pose a question: in light of recent European politics, notably Brexit, what can we learn from earlier European conflicts? with an essay by Guido van Hengel, soft cover, 29 x 19,5 cm, 128 not numbered pages, ed/600, Breda 2018