Sheep On Dry

Egten, Henriëtte van

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A sleeve containing 10 partly hand-altered picture postcards of an Icelandic ram, the alterations lead to fantastical new scenes and metamorphoses: the ram becomes a fluffy white cloud in a clear blue sky, then a rabbit and many other things, the postcards come with washing line and washing pins so you can hang them up like laundry on a washing day since the series was inspired by an old Dutch saying: “je schaapjes op het droge hebben”, in English: “having your sheep on dry (land)”; when you say that someone has their sheep on dry (land), it means that they have acquired enough wealth to take it easy and stop working for a while, and if the key to financial prosperity is to have dry sheep, then what better way than hanging them from the washing line? a plastic sleeve (16 x 11,5 cm) with 10 postcards (15 x 10,5 cm), a small zip lock bag containing string, clothes pegs and a small card, Amsterdam since 2002