Soapbox #1.2 OFF THE GRID

Soapbox Journal

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“For centuries the grid has dictated how human beings move through space; read images, texts and maps; and exchange goods and energy. Entire cities are modelled on the rectangular division of space, and, although predominantly associated with modernity and Western civilizations, there are examples of premodern, non-Western gridded cities that could be regarded as blueprints for contemporary urban environments.”

“In t[he] introduction to 1.2, Bakke reflects on this edition's essays noting how they 'demonstrate...that infrastructure and civilization can be negatively coordinated. Infrastructure can (and perhaps must) become less in order for civilization to become more.' Bakke muses that 'off the grid' represents the 'next necessary step for a better world', gathering the essays under the banner of an infrastructural turn that reconfigures the terms by which we think and characterize civilizational progress.”

A collection of essays on infrastructure, urban planning, and its implications, with contributions by ‍Laura Pannekoek, Zoë Dankert, Gretchen Bakke, ‍Lena Reitschuster, ‍Mina Hunt, ‍Marina Otero Verzier, Katía Truijen, Marten Kuijpers, ‍Thom Aalmoes, ‍Pepita Hesselberth, ‍Stepan Lipatov, Sissel Møller, ‍Tânia A. Cardoso, ‍Aaron Dowdy and ‍Jeff Diamanti, with a loose insert, soft cover, 19 x 12 cm, 240 pages, Amsterdam 2019