Sonnet 154 by William Shakespeare

Lumby, M.

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“A subtle interplay of appropriated verse and structural typography, juxtaposing Shakespeare's final Sonnet on the incendiary nature of love with spot-varnished explosives diagrams. Issues of censorship are touched upon, with the numerical reversal referencing the combustion temperature of paper, from Ray Bradbury's sci-fi classic, and the playful substitution of combustible chemical compounds for elements from the Periodic Table of American Psycho (from Chemical Poetry of American Psycho).”

 - artist's statement

At first glance a one-line-per-page reproduction of the Shakespeare sonnet, but holding the booklet against the light reveals the title ‘Fahrenheit 451 or How to Make a Book Bomb’ on the cover and many diagrams explaining the process throughout the booklet, borrowing not only from Ray Bradbury's classic novel but also from 'American Psycho' by Bret Easton Ellis.

Stapled, 15 x 10 cm, 28 pages, 1st ed., (London) 2006