The Art Of Organizing

Eysink Smeets, Bart

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“To explore the weird and wonderful edges of the human brain, we challenged Bart Eysink Smeets, one of the most creative guys we know, to delve into the art of organizing. The Amsterdam-based artist has given himself 2 weeks to take up the hefty challenge of blending organization and creativity together. … With the help of his four-legged (well, three-legged in Bonkie’s case) friends, Bart attempts to create order from the chaos of his Dutch apartment. From tortilla pyramids to jenga chairs, the artist provides some organized flair to everyday objects”, a project to illustrate that organization and creativity can go hand in hand, full-page colour photographs of creatively organised objects, hard cover, 30 x 23 cm, 74 not numbered pages, signed, Amsterdam 2017