The Third Landscape

Gilson, Juliette

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The Third Landscape is the tangible result of Juliette Gilson’s experiment-driven research project that took place from May 2021 to April 2022. The project emerged from an interest in the port-city of Rotterdam – its landscape and built environment, its roads and omnipresent traffic, trucks, containers, gas stations, parking lots and warehouses. Through urban investigations of transitional spaces, between port and city, transformations of an ever-changing part of society are recorded. Walking and writing are used as a cognitive method that informs and triggers new processes of thinking, researching, making and communicating. Walking means being immersed, drenched in the present condition amongst surrounding elements, through which temporal realities and new narratives are being revealed.”

Collected texts and graphics, with contributions by Bart de Baets, René Boer, Marjolijn Kok and Nino Maissouradze, with a loose folder inside, stapled, 24 x 17 cm, 28 pages, ed/250, Rotterdam 2022