The Zoo Of Space Let Me Be Your Dictionary

Traoré, Saliou

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“Traore’s project `the zoo of space- Let me [be] your dictionary´ begins as a refinement of a phenomenological analysis of the everyday. His interest is not confined to the banal everyday object, which has been excluded by frames of thinking, which weighs things and evaluates them according to instrumental reasoning. This domain of phenomena and things becomes in a calculative scientific project less and less approachable. It can even be argued that the contemporary situation prevents access and further obscures how this takes place. What Saliou Traoré wants to examine are contingent, simple relations of objects and events. Part of his strategy is to concentrate not on single, catastrophic events, floods, mudslides, earthquakes, but to focus on these precise examples: a carrycot, a traffic jam, and linguistic phenomenon”, through reproduced photographs, art works, and notes the artist explores (public) space, movement from one space to another, and the disruptions and obstacles one might encounter, with accompanying words by Patrick Healy, text in English, stapled, 52 not numbered pages, 29,5 x 21 cm, Maastricht 2006