Thirty-One Ways To That Sunday Booklet

Schurr, T.M.

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“The drawings in this collection are from a series done in 2005-2006 while I was living in Paris. An intense period during which hundreds of drawings were produced, I often worked from morning until into the night, six or seven days a week. They were spontaneously produced at a rate of about one a day with an accompanying text immediately added after the drawing was finished. Owing to stressful personal circumstances, the needle of my emotional, mental and spiritual states swung hard left to the negative pole. Misbegotten creatures spewed forth loaded with dark energy from an interior space hopelessly devoid of light; yet armored with shiny and smooth exoskeletons. Perhaps ultimately a show of resiliency or strength, I had neither the time or inclination to consider which but to be sure it was some kind of a reaction to things as they then stood.”

a booklet containing a series of reproduced b/w drawings numbered 1 to 31 showing fantastical and surreal creatures or organisms, accompanied by bits of reproduced handwritten text telling a personal story of difficult times, with a brief foreword by the artist, stapled, 15 x 10,5 cm, 72 not numbered pages, ed/100, Berlin 2019