Vutuc, Sergej

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“Tragovi exists like the shimmering relic of some shamanistic ritual or communion with the divine. The Risograph printed, fold-out pages open up to unveil several possible readings of a single image. The relationships between the pulsating images continually metamorphose as a result. New meaning is assigned to a conventional world that is forced upon us from the moment of birth. An alternative view is proposed. We are invited to engage in a reawakening; to consider new interpretations of everything around us. With multi-layered images that obscure with the same power as they reveal, Tragovi challenges a defunct, tired state of consciousness. These pictures persist in our memory and linger in our minds as if to demand of us if we're actually awake or only existing in a dream”, a beautifully-made book of 36 hazy dream-like photographs taken on the streets, stapled in soft cover, 25 x 20 cm, 18 not numbered fold-out pages, 2nd ed., numbered/150, (Berlin) 2016