Turning Over The Pages

Büchler, Pavel

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a catalogue published to accompany an exhibition at Kettle’s Yard Gallery, Cambridge (1986), the theme of the exhibition was “books in contemporary art”, Büchler was in charge of selecting artists and works: “The exhibition has been selected in an intuitive and idiosyncratic manner from work which I have known for some time. It is not a survey or comprehensive overview of the ways various artists have been using books; this is an attempt to open to others the opportunity of encountering these works as I have done, as individual pieces and not as illustrative examples of a genre”, the artists featured are Christian Boltanski, Ulises Carrión, Hanne Darboven, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Richard Hamilton, On Kawara, Anselm Kiefer, J.H. Kocman, John Latham. Annette Messager, A.R. Penck, Anne + Patrick Poirier, Dieter Roth, Barbara + Gabriele Schmidt-Heins and Lawrence Weiner, accompanied by illustrated texts on the subject of artists’ books and books in contemporary art by Büchler, with biographies of the artists whose works are featured, stapled with dust jacket, 21 x 15 cm, 54 not numbered pages, Cambridge 1986