Up Close

Keesmaat, Welmer

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“My work is about contrast. Its subjects find themselves in the field of tension that is inextricably bound to contact: personal interaction, claiming space, bonding, being closed and being open.

UP CLOSE examines how I have made contact with other people, with my surroundings, with objects and with myself. The images are the result of an intuitive process, produced at moments when, for me, contact is very close – or very far away.

The images of environments or objects are all taken in close proximity. They are strongly framed, purposeful, isolating. They are in immediate, direct contact. Images that include people show only indirect contact. There are no faces, no recognizable personalities. The figures are often in averted poses. They are closed and anonymous.

By bringing these photographs together in book form, I re-examine the situations and circumstances in which the were mad. For me, it is an introspective investigation, It is also a confrontation with my own ways of making and keeping contact with my environment. As a tangible result of this investigation, UP CLOSE marks the completion of a given period of time, as well as a new beginning.”

objects, places and (partly) people captured, as the title suggests, up close and in colour or in b/w, highly atmospheric images that invoke not just our sense of seeing, but also our sense of feeling: the viewer doesn’t simply see but also feel cold marble, the rough bark of a tree and the softness of glossy black locks of hair; perhaps in this way, too, the photographs are about contact, soft cover, 22 x 17 cm, 32 not numbered pages, Den Haag 2012

ISBN: 978-90-818503-0-8