Years Yet Yesterday

Smith, Mark Addison

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“The book is a gay abecedary using words spoken by playwright and activist Larry Kramer in his 2004 AIDS crisis, call-to-action speech, 'The Tragedy Of Today's Gays'. I completed the drawings and subsequent book—a hand-lettered set of 24 grayscale eye charts—to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his NYC speech and I’ve recently printed the book (in a limited-edition of 365 copies, all numbered and signed) with funding from the Research Foundation of the City University of New York.

Each page is dedicated to a letter in the alphabet, and drawn using three words—rewritten hundreds of times—that appear in the original speech (this abecedary contains 24 works because Kramer’s speech did not include any words beginning with an X or a Z). The three words of each panel can be read in any order to invite viewers to reflect upon a decade-long sliver of the 30+ ongoing years of the AIDS crisis. You can read more about the work in 'Out Magazine' and in an interview with Nelson Santos of Visual AIDS.”

soft cover, 24 x 24 cm, 56 not numbered pages, numbered/365, signed, New York 2015