Wall, Siobhan + Ollie Mason + J.J. Waller

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“Long held beliefs and assumptions about the world have been turned upside down by the decision to separate from continental Europe. Three British poets living in Amsterdam, Ollie Mason, Siobhan Wall and Jenny Waller, offer more personal insights into the impact of this momentous historical moment. Wall’s drawings have a dreamlike quality which invite a more reflective approach to very familiar arguments while Waller’s poem has a careful spontaneity which uses humour to express dismay and unease. Ollie Mason’s four haiku also offer thoughtful perspectives. Together, this timely chapbook opens up new ways to think about what is becoming increasingly disheartening. This chapbook is a welcome alternative to the unresolved political discussions and behind the scenes attempts to forge a lasting deal for the UK.”

3 poems on Brexit by expat Brits Ollie Mason, Siobhan Wall and J.J.Waller plus reproduced images by S.W.

Sewn, 20 x 14,5 cm, 10 not numbered pages, Amsterdam 2018