Wall, Siobhan

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“Siobhan Wall was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease around 1997. She then started to experience dizziness and deafness, two of the main symptoms of this disease. This was compounded by being diagnosed with MS in 2016, which means tiredness and vertigo are now very familiar. As with many deaf people, her disability is almost invisible, except for a thin, almost transparent tube in her left ear. Unable to keep her balance, she rides a three-wheel electric bike. Not quite ready to use the word ‘tricycle’, she loves being able to continue cycling and walking slowly and carefully.
These drawings and poems are her attempt to convey what it is like to be a brain fogging dizzy forgetful distracted woman inside an apparently coherent self. She will design a digitally printed necklace to wear. It will say ‘Forgive for my amnesia, slowness and confusion. I am doing the best I can.’”;

Poems accompanied charcoal drawings, one folded A2 sheet, cut with some of the editor’s hairs, 21 x 15 cm, 22 pages, (Amsterdam 2022)

ISBN: 9789079865130