Leifsdóttir, Hrefna Horn

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“'Fiction' is an ongoing series of works that place themselves between performance props, functional accessories and sculptural objects - an attempt to fuse multiple ready-mades into a cluster that successfully intergrades all three at once.

Fiction: The Function, was the first physical display of these objects, of these handbags, these vessels: meant to carry stories and secrets, as well as depositories of junk from everyday life. They reference the feminist theory of Ursula K. Le Guin, The Carrier Bag of Fiction which opposes the dominant theories claiming the first man-made invention to be the penetrating sword or spear and argues for the alternative that carrier bags are more likely to have been the earliest human tool.

As proper ‘carriers of fiction’ themselves the sculptures exhibited were accompanied by a publication including scans of found and collected objects combined with original poems”. 

Created and published for the exhibition titled ‘Fiction: The Function’ which took place in Lokal-int (Biel/Bienne, CH).

Fiction is a collaboration between Annie Akerman and Hrefna Hörn where the duo create bespoke and one-off bags. The pages of this work show what appear to be x-rays of the same handbag thus revealing various contents; miscellaneous objects, some that would be commonly found in a bag. This publication contains 5 small loose green sheets with poetic texts on them, and a text that is based on reflections that the two artists and two curators shared between February and August 2022.

Stapled, 21 x 15 cm, 44 not numbered pages, n.p. 2022