Grey Mélange

Saarkoski, Aura

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“Each book contains a postcard of a photo by Aura Saarikoski. The postcard has 2 variations that are distributed randomly.

On the way home from a birthday party, Saarikoski found herself weeping on a street corner in the embrace of a consoler. A dark stain of tears and mascara remained on the consoler's shirt, directly over their heart. As time passed and the shirt remained unwashed, the stain accumulated significance, bearing witness to both grief and solace.
Grey Mélange is Aura Saarikoski's second book that combines photographs and text to explore the conditions and ethics of autofiction and how lived experiences can be transformed into art. The publication is based on an exhibition of the same name held by Aura Saarikoski at the Hippolyte Gallery in January 2022. Both the exhibition and the publication are based on the events described above, which took place some years ago.”

Printed of on different colours, text in Finnish and English, translated by Kasper Salonen, design by Jaakko Suomalainen, soft cover, 24 x 16,5 cm, 80 not numbered pages, Helsinki 2023

ISBN: 978-952-68478-9-4