Hands & Feet Of Friends & Family

Korpak, Helen

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Beginning to look
I started to notice
the older I get
the more I notice
studying the reproductions
separating this from that
noticing the gestures
feeling the movements
of the joints—

Hands & Feet of Friends & Family is a weave of Helen Korpak’s photocollages and locket-sized literary captions recording closely observed familiar and familial gestures. Granular renderings tenderly taped, Korpak’s collages meld the touching and the wryly humorous, balancing throughout the vulnerability of artist and subjects bonded by essential fondness.

Designed and typeset with haptic craft by Samuli Saarinen.”

A series of photo-collages that focus on hands and feet, these are then accompanied by warm recollections about the people (and animals) portrayed; a study in intimacy.

Soft cover, 17,5 x 12 cm, 96 not numbered pages, ed/400, Kraków 2023

ISBN: 978-83-965968-2-6