Asanuma Misa

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’Hem is based on my fixation with the costumes of Noh, a form of Japanese dance-drama. While I tend to avoid traditionalism in any form, I was always fascinated by the shapes and movements created by these costumes and the Noh performers in them. I expanded my interest by including a few photographs and other elements which represent my gaze on subtle moments.’

—Misa Asanuma

 Hem is a 16-page photocopy zine composed of artist Misa Asanuma’s studies of the suspension and flow of Noh actors and their rippling costumes.”

A collection of dynamic pencil sketches that capture the movement of Noh actors and the hems of their clothing, with two small b/w pictures and a brief poem.

Stapled, 20 x 14 cm, 16 not numbered pages, ed/100, Kraków 2023

ISBN: 978-83-965968-4-0