Oro: Orð

Honeycut, Erin

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“Oro:orð is simplified communication forms within a libretto, music, water, bubbles and images in twelve acts. It is inspired by the Icelandic-Basque Pidgin, a trading language used between Basque and Icelandic whalers in the early 17th century. The libretto is written in Icelandic, English, and Euskara (Basque language) and is composed of ‘acts’ based on paintings produced in the year 1616 “a Pidgin is a simplified means of communication that develops between two or more groups that do not have a language in common, they are often formed from a limited vocabulary and grammar and often from several languages, historically it was used for trading and was not a native language.”

An opera in 12 acts, that are “based on paintings produced in the year 1616 from around the world, reflecting on the long arrival of the current state of globalization.” Written in Icelandic and English, Basque translation by Alex Mendizabal, illustrated with squiggly line renditions of the paintings in question, with a QR code that gives access to the opera.

Ring-bound, handmade cover with glitter details, 15 x 21 cm, 70 not numbered pages, n.p. n.d.