Selected Works Vol. 4 The Cities

Wasmuth, Tom

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“Tom Wasmuth has lived in many cities. And because he has been, and still, and still is living in cities, a lot of his paintings are of cities. Many paintings of many cities, or better: paintings of cities that often are not representing one city in particular anymore.A name of a city under a painting refers to the location where it was painted. But when he is painting in Reykjavik, he might be seein New York or Zurich with his mind’s eye. What he paints is where he is not anymore. He paints what lies behind him, images that are stored behind his eyes and are evoked by chance. Memories of people and situations, of sights and nightmares. Images that keep coming up in new mixtures, bathed in many different lights, sometimes sharp and easy to identify, sometimes shrouded in mist and darkness. These mental images become clearly defined pictures only when he has turned them into paintings. Only then a memory of a special encounter finds a specific, but maybe also completely new, place, a specific atmosphere – perhaps at times never seen this way before – a reality that cannot be verified on any city map or in any photograph album. They are pictures made from fragments of cities which at the same time contain the sum of several cities”, reproductions of 16 works (13 in colour) and a text by Angelika Stepken in English and German, this volume features works with urban themes and settings in various styles and media, hard cover, 23 x 33,5 cm, 24 not numbered pages, numbered/500, signed, Schöftland Zürich 1999

ISBN: 3-907974-30-0