“Aux Producteurs De L’Art Moderne…” La Perruque #20

Antoine Lefebvre Editions + La Perruque

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“When I realized that one of the rarest ephemeras of the Situationist International was almost in the same (unusual) format as the experimental typography journal La Perruque, I felt compelled to make a bootleg reprint in collaboration with the magazine, for which I cropped the margins of the original tract to make it fit (from 2 × 90 cm to 1 × 90 cm). There is hardly any information about this tract in the writings on the Situationist International, but one can easily imagine that its singular format stems from the same publishing approach as La Perruque: the complicity of a printer who must have let the Situationists slip this tract into the margins of a regular printing job: a kind of ‘anticipatory plagiarism,’ as Pierre Bayard would say.”

A 16 page mini zine (7 x 5 cm) and a 2 x 90 cm ribbon of text from the tract of the Situationist International, which reads (in French):

“To the producers of modern art. If you are tired of imitating rubble; if it appears to you that the fragmentary repetitions that are expected of you are outdated before even coming to life, please contact us to organize new powers of transformation of the ambient environment at a higher level. Situationist International, 32 rue de la Montagne-Geneviève, Paris 5e.”

Text in French and/or English, ed/90, n.p. n.d.