Transmutants And Emotional Curves

Ásgeirsson, Arnar

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“‘Transmutants and Emotional Curves’ is a series of drawings depicting unidentified symbols and phenomena interacting, wrestling and dancing. They entangle and connect. They fight and co-exist. They flip flop, twist and turn, split, evolve and push. They are emotional entanglements.

In statistics curves and graphs are used to show development and changes in numbers, but how does one show development of feelings or changing moods? The drawings try to map out an evolution of mutated feelings. They are emotional graphs.”

A series of intriguing b/w drawings consisting of intertwined mostly abstract shapes with an organic feel to them, each drawing is accompanied by a short phrase that is part of a run-on sentence, these phrases also serve as titles or descriptions of the individual drawing that they share a page with, there are drawings titled, for instance, ‘moving to the rhythm’, ‘the great ancestor’ and ‘ultra tense and hostile’.

Printed on black pages, soft cover, 24 x 17 cm, 82 pages, ed/500, n.p. 2019

ISBN: 978-9935-24-620-2