Casa Encantada

Baruq, Renato

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“The book Casa Encantada documents abandoned houses in Belo Horizonte that have been squatted and transformed into homes and social centers. During the pandemic, we saw an explosion in homelessness in Brazil's urban centers, which led to the emergence of a new wave of occupations of houses and smaller buildings.

The book documents this network of autonomous squats with illustrations by Baruq, photographs from C. Passos, and interviews with residents and activists in the squatting movement in Belo Horizonte.”

‘A portrait of the fight for housing in Belo Horizonte’, delicate pen drawings of (formerly) squatted houses and interviews and essays, photographs by Cadu Passos.

Soft cover, 19,5 x 19,5 cm, 100 pages, (Belo Horizonte) n.d.