Free Lettering Translationism

Buhlungu, Simnikiwe

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Free Lettering Translationisms is the outcome of an ongoing project, realised in several spaces within Johannesburg, that investigates the existence and agency of language in a South African context through the use of Breaking Inglish. Offering a Free Lettering Translationisms service intending to break Inglish begins to function as a decolonial option of debunking notions of intellect and knowledge as we know it. The performative act of translation becomes a way of engaging and exchanging with language as something that is fluid, where some things are lost while others are gained”, a critical engagement with the colonial legacy of the English language in South Africa through reproduced handwritten letters, stapled, 21 x 15 cm, 20 not numbered pages and several carbon paper pages, ed/70, Johannesburg 2016