Notable Days

Büchler, Pavel

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Notable Days is a book that attempts − through the turning of the printed page − to reconfigure time and the calendar. Notable Days presents a ‘full year of days’ though within this year time shifts, days disappear and are re-sequenced suggesting that history is never complete.

The images in the book are enlarged from newspapers revealing the half-tone screen used to print them. The first section presents images of hands taken from photographs of people notable enough to be featured in newspapers; severed from their bodies and their contexts, their meaning is lost. These images are interspersed with a repeated image of a crowd with flags − a demonstration or a celebration?

As the book progresses further images of demonstrations are overlaid until the last pages appear as dense black. The events immortalised here exist in a past that has been edited and reconfigured, reminding us that newspapers and photographs are unreliable in their recounting of history.”

cropped or altered photographs of hands and crowds, accompanied by dates and short prose bits about the measuring of time, with the pages slowly fading to black, soft cover, 21 x 14 cm, 208 not numbered pages, ed/700, London 1990

ISBN: 1870699033