What The Cleaners Found

Büchler, Pavel

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a reprint of an earlier edition (1997) described by the artist as “a reflection on the means by which one imparts an education in Fine Art. It comprises eleven pamphlets, each of which offers another view of the fine art education process–not one that visibly develops in the studio but one which starts its life in some administrative office, proceeds via the mailroom to various destinations and ends its life in the wastebasket. Through the process of photocopy and cheap reprographics (the engine room of any educational establishment) these economical pamphlets commute their more weighty counterparts. The way in which existing documents have been re-modelled to present new meanings and inferences could offer fresh hope to any institution. Readers are advised that the contents sheets alone contains 86 four-letter words”, ephemera that capture the spirit of academic bureaucracy (lists, signatures, indexes, etc.) transcribed and transformed into typographical artworks, text in English and Czech, soft cover, 23 x 16,5 cm, 80 not numbered pages, Olomouc 2019

ISBN: 978-80-88103-64-6