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Bauer, Ralph

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concept and design R.B., 80 close-up sections of the same vintage b/w family portrait (ca. 1940s?) featuring young children posing in a wooded rolling landscape, while losing sight of the overall picture, the division into blown-up sections enable us to consider every grainy detail of the original picture, attention is drawn to the way one child is squinting in the sunlight, the folded hands of another child, a blurry farm house in the distance or the neatly parted hair of a young boy;

despite the feast of little details uncovered by the unusual presentation of this photograph, you cannot help but try to puzzle the original photograph back together in your mind, as such this book seems to be a meditation on the relation between parts and wholes, the text announced in the colophon by Christine Lemke seems to be missing, no cover, sewn, 80 pages, 24 x 19,5 cm, ed/300, Maastricht 2004