All Or Nothing And Other Pages

Gibbs, Michael

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a survey of the work of Michael Gibbs whose activities included poetry, performance, film, and publishing, and his immersion in “a genuinely 'underground' culture... which owed nothing to the official art establishment". As well as visual poetry and texts, the book includes his major study of blank books 'All or Nothing', written in 2005, a selection of critical writing that originally appeared in Kontexts, and Artzien, journals that he edited and published, as well as articles from the photography journal Perspektief, and Art Monthly, for which he wrote a regular column. Examples of his visual and concrete poems, books, photography and films are reproduced, along with documentation of performances, edited by Gerrit Jan de Rook & Andrew Wilson, with 64 pages of black and white illustrations, critical commentaries about aspects of Michael Gibbs' work by: Gerrit Jan de Rook: concrete poetry and language art, Guy Schraenen: books and publishing, Marga Van Mechelen: performance works, John Held: mail art, Henriette Dingemans: the internet work, Rob Perree: the later photographic works, Bas Vroege: critical writing, soft cover with flaps, 224 pages, 23,4 x 14,2 cm, Axminster 2016