An Anecdoted Topography Of Chance 2016

Spoerri, Daniel

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“done with the help of his very dear friend Robert Filliou and translated from French and further anecdoted by their very dear friend Emmett Williams, enriched with still further anecdotations by their very dear friend Dieter Roth (translated from the German by Malcolm Green), with 100 reflective illustrations by Topor”, “An Anecdoted Topography of Chance is now acknowledged as the most important, and most entertaining “Artists’ Book” of the post-war period, and this edition is the definitive appearance of a unique collaborative work by four artists associated with various avant-garde art movements, including Fluxus and Nouveau Réalisme”, text in English, hard cover, 23,5 x 17,5 cm, 272 pages, London 2016