Art Obulist

Watanabe, Eiji + Naoka Eiro

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a book published on the occasion of an exhibition in the Relation Building in Obu Japan: “ART_OBULIST is a contemporary art exhibition that began in 2016 from a suggestion to introduce contemporary art and culture to Obu - a city without art galleries. Thus “Brain Museum”, “a museum unconfined to a building” = a thought-provoking art museum was implemented where new possibilities can only be discovered at that given place. Returning for its second year in a row and eager to provide as much opportunity to broaden people’s exposure to art as possible, the ART_OBULIST 2017 exhibition will be held for approximately one month and the art works will be scattered across a number of free spaces and locations in an area within walking distance from Obu Station, the city center”, with contributions by Yasuko Otsuka, Paul Goede, Thomas A. Clark, Little Vehicle, Nakamura Wataru, Douraku Doumei, Kenichi Ogawa, Laurie Clark, Naoto Maruyama, and Shigeki Kosugi, full colour illustrations and texts in Japanese and English, hard cover, 21 x 15 cm, 62 pages, Obu 2017