Documents Of Psychic Amateurs

Blake, Aby W. (Ed.)

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“Documents of Psychic Amateurs, published on the occasion of the exhibition, International Psychic Amateurs Work/Study (iPAWS), is the first volume of a quarterly journal dedicated to the dissemination of research by both faculty and students at the Institute for the Science of Identity.
Since 2003, the Institute has been building an international network of persons interested in exploring techniques for opening multiple gateways into parallel works. Volume I is a collaborative effort to sort, arrange and display research into non-logical theories. Our intention has not been to present a cohesive manifesto but rather to present the disparate visions of time-traveling scholars, alchemists, cartographers, astronomers, artists, poets, mediums, physicists and layabouts”, vol.1, no 1, edited by Aby W. Blake, on the occasion of an exhibition, fascinating text and image contributions by Mark Connery, Jo Cook, Mily Goodden, Claudine Hubert, Sally Ireland, Doug Jarvis, Malena Kirlianova, Chris Lloyd, Ross Angus Macaulay, Billy Mavreas, Michael McCormack, Tammy McGrath, Wesley Mulvin, Florentine Perro, Sally Rees, Liz Solo, Julie Voice, Matt Warren, and Frances Zorn, text in English, soft cover, 27,5 x 21,5 cm, 62 not numbered pages, numbered/50, Vancouver 2008