DRA 3 Dieter Roth Academy Til Dæmis And Whatsoe'er

Dieter Roth Academy

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text and image contributions (several in colour) assembled by Björn Roth and Jan Voss, the contributions are by many of the members of the academy: Eggert Einarsson, Emmett Williams, Dorothy Iannone, Beat Keusch, Björn Roth, Erika Streit, Magnús Reynir Jónsson and Pétur Kristjánsson, Gunnar Helgason and Magnús Reynir Jónsson, Karl Roth, Jan Voss, Aldo Frei, Malcolm Green, Andrea Tippel, Dietrich Helms, Dominik Steiger, Sigridur Björnsdóttir, Rainer Pretzell, Agnes Pretzell, Pétur Kristjánsson, Henriëtte van Egten, The Ruïnettes, Rúna Thorkelsdóttir, Ingrid Wiener, Kristján Gudmundsson, Dadi Wirz, hard cover, 186 pages of which 5 are fold outs, 31,5 x 22 cm, numbered/100, Mosfellsbaer Basel Amsterdam 2001 (DRA 3)