Emperors Of Ice Cream

Leo, Arvo

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ink drawings of fantastical figures balancing colourful ice cream cones, inspired by “The Emperor of Ice-Cream”, a poem by Wallace Stevens, “The black ink drawings included here allude to such characters as manifested in a series of peculiar emperors, each grounded by the white of the page, the starkness of winter. Be they dead or alive, many of these emperors are busy trying to get somewhere, while others seem utterly content or confused where they stand. Colourful snakes, twisting and unruly, emanate from waffle cones, their frozen bodies handled with a playful confidence. If anything, this book becomes a medusa's head, gently writhing in the grasp of your warm-blooded fingers”, edited by Jacquelyn Ross, soft cover, 20 x 14 cm, 100 pages, ed/250, signed, Canada 2017