Roos, Yamandú

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a series of 60 photographs (both colour and b/w) that capture scenes and people all over Europe and document the artist’s travels across the continent, instead of focussing on well-known sites and attractions, the artist approaches the places he visits from a different angle and documents the more personal and intimate stories of the people encountered; we see friends hanging out together and people at ease in their own homes, we see graffiti-covered walls and an abandoned car in an empty parking lot, and when we do get to see the Eifel Tower, it is merely a distant landmark peaking over blocks of flats at a deserted basketball field.

An index printed on the insides of the cover provides dates and places; a big folded print serves as dust jacket and features a watercolour artwork by Moshekwa Langa featuring overlapping maps of regions in Europe, with a diverse scattering of European cities that are pictured here side by side, despite their actual geographical distance, and are thus brought closer together in this rendering of Europe, soft cover, 33 x 24 cm, 120 not numbered pages, Amsterdam 2015

ISBN: 978-90-824130-0-7