Grandes Exitos 2

Montoya, Miguel Angel (Ed.)

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“This is the second edition of Grandes Exitos del Arte Contemporáneo (GEAC), previously a pirate DVD compilation of video art and performances distributed free of charge or in exchange for everyday objects, garments or fruits even. Created as part of the 2011 relational art piece ‘Sin Valor, collaboration between Pablo Lagos Lopez and myself that took place in the streets of Fontibon, Colombia. … In the spirit of the first GEAC (the free distribution and access to art), this volume takes into account the corresponding concept of Fandangos, also follows the process and mirrors Raul Marroquin’s editorial approach of ‘copy and paste’. ‘Why Plagiarism?’ by Ulises Carrion is one of the best examples of this procedure. The works in this issue of GEAC are from a mix of young and known/established artists”, stapled zine inspired by Fandangos magazine published by Raul Marroquin in the seventies, stapled, 21,5 x 15 cm, 32 pages, Antwerp 2018