Lámo Láva (Special Edition)

Matthieu, Melanie

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photographs taken by Melanie Matthieu, text by M.M. and project collaborator Scott Rogers in 2 hinged books (hinged by their cover), the one describes with photographs (b/w) a pilgrimage site, Our Lady of La Salette, in the French Alps where in 1846 an apparition occurred, the other acquaints the reader with anecdotes, side lines and analogies, the title is an old French patois phrase that translates as ‘up there, down there’, this special edition comes in a box (31 x 22 cm) and has an original print, soft cover, 29 x 21 cm, two books in one: the one consists of 68 not numbered pages of photographs the other of 50 pages of English text, one of 50 copies signed (by M.M.), Amsterdam 2015