Leonardo In Azione E Poesia Leonardo In Action And Poetry

Deho, Valerio + Alessao Vezzosi (Eds.)

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homage to Leonardo da Vinci published on the occasion of an exhibition with the same title in the Museo Ideale in Vinci, Italy, contemporary artists engage with the legacy of Da Vinci, contributions by, among others: Fernando Aguiar, Anna Banana, Jean Baudrillard, Giuseppe Chiari, Philip Corner, Pierre Garnier, Eugen Gomringer, Klaus Groh, Bernard Heidsieck, Dick Higgins, Allan Kaprow, Allison Knowles, Jiri Kolar, Hermann Nitsch, Ann Noël, Ben Patterson, Daniel Spoerri, Ben Vautier, and Emmett Williams, with an introduction by Carlo Pedretti, text in Italian and English, hard cover, 31 x 24,5 cm, 376 pages, Firenze 2001