Light Fall Of Dust

Martins, Miguel Ângelo

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A publication documenting a performance with the same title in which the artist demonstrates how to drill without spill: when you want to drill a hole in a wall, tape an open envelop just below your intended hole in order to collect the dust.

Consists of a printed-on envelop (11,5 x 16,5 cm), a title card (15 x 10,5 cm) with graphic print and some practical advice in English and Spanish on the other side, and a folded sheet (30 x 21 unfolded) with b/w photographs of the artist’s performance and with the colophon on the other side, and finally, a piece of printed-on masking tape.

Photographs by Laura Pilar Delgado, translation by Leticia Pérez Alonso, ed/300, Raum Editions #02, Bajo 2019

ISBN: 978-84-09-17222-1