Horvers, Toine

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“Every now and then, I briefly describe the bodily positions Jo and myself are laying in as we awaken. Still half asleep, usually with my eyes closed, I try to work out our positions in relation to one another and in relation to gravity.”

A collection of 46 descriptions of the positions the artist and his partner find themselves in as they lie in their bed upon awakening, the positions are described in a precise and methodical almost scientific way by inventorising a series of neutral impressions, this objective, almost detached approach stands in meaningful contrast with the intimate and familiar positions described; after all, when waking up, especially with a partner, we are at our most vulnerable and open.

Text in English, soft cover, 17 x 11,5 cm, 96 not numbered pages, ed/150, (Rotterdam) 2018

ISBN 978-90-830038-1-8

Also available in Dutch (see "Liggen")