Normalizm 1

Rogalo, Jan et al.

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“We need time to lose interest in things”, this publication tells us, photographs of scenes from everyday life, with contributions by Maciej Bohdanowicz, Martin Gorczakowski, Harry Jones, Artur Kulig, Jan Rogalo, Tom Shipman, Pawel Starzec, Jan Urant, Alfred, Wiltos; the photographs in this publication, despite being taken in various places and settings (there are shots of buildings, trees, meals, bedrooms, etc.), seem to have a common theme: the mundane, the banal or perhaps even the boring aspects of our existence, comes in a cardboard folder of 30,5 x 23,5 cm, soft cover, 29,5 x 21 cm, 108 not numbered pages, ed/500, n.p. n.d.