Off The Map

Andreasen, Kasper

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Off the Map brings together different types of ephemera: wrappers, receipts, news­paper articles, drawings, and fragments of writing. This publication serves as a model to an exhibition of the same name which ran at Motto Berlin in 2013. Its material is related to the layered vitrine-decors which were shown in the courtyard. The layered material is part of an ongoing work-in-progress and plays with the condensation and expansion of the reproduced items which were on display. The publication’s essay ‘The Landscape of Things’ by Matthias Weichelt portrays the items as heaps of material in an unknown territory”, published on the occasion of an exhibition in Berlin, a collage of what looks like random papers as a map or an evolving text, accompanied by a German/English essay by Matthias Weichelt, stapled, 29,5 x 21 cm, 24 not numbered pages, (Berlin) 2013