Repetivity Platforms And Approaches For Publishing

Cutts, Simon + Colin Sackett

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“…[W]e examined our field of activity and concluded it to be essentially based on repetition, in both the production and the distribution of publications. Despite the seeming fragility of some of these examples of publishing, nothing distinguishes the various practices more than a determined concern with availability. In a time of superfluous and heavy-handed curatorship. It seemed appropriate that the examples be selected and described by the publishers themselves.”

Documentation of the work of 16 small presses in GB and Ireland: Aggie Weston’s, Coracle, John Dilnot Books, Folding Landscapes, Tony Hayward, Inventory, Mermaid Turbulence, Morning Star, Moschatel Press, Mark Pawson, RGAP, Colin Sackett, WAX366, Weproductions, Wild Hawthorn Press, and Writers Forum, published on the occasion of an exhibition in Plymouth, with descriptive texts, illustrated with full-colour photographs, stapled, 21,5 x 14 cm, 40 pages, Derby 2000

ISBN: 0-901437-50-6

ISBN: 0-901437-50-6