The Camera

Lalou, Maria

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“‘the camera’ publication unfolds the time line of the subjective encounters that took place in duration of the 1:30:07 discourse of ‘The Dialogue’ film by Maria Lalou, long with  series of diagrammatic drawings followed as a script by the camera-operator who recorded the film as one long shot”, with an introduction by Rachael Rakes; “’The Dialogue’ and ‘the camera’ are parts of a constellation of projects by Lalou that investigate visual technologies. In order to maintain a pre-active stance on the relation between people and images, cameras and people, and images and images, by de-emphasising her own directorial or authorial mode in ‘the Dialogue’, placing instead a concept of authoring or perceiving machine, and then unmasking this formation in ‘the camera’, these works propose the apparatus relations happening already, and pre-ceives those to come”, timestamped interviews and drawings, soft cover, 20 x 16 cm, 512 not numbered pages, Athens 2019

ISBN: 978-618-83709-8-2