The Monad Illuminates Mónadan Varpar Ljósi

Kolbeinsdóttir, Thórunn

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“This took place long before the souls and bodies ascended, these phenomenons were still simmering in vague puddles underneath the earth’s crust. Nonetheless there was life on the surface in a different, simpler conception. The environment was taking shape, enormous claylings took care of that process. They were the necessary entities, their role was simply to arrange themselves in a logical way to create a foundation for the next chapter. The beings rose up from the first mountain and wandered the earth. They experimented with various postures until they felt good and could imagine to settle down and eventually they covered the surface. Some became a bit too comfortable and never woke up again, they had to continue to move around a little bit in order not to perish”, monochrome prints of strange primordial landscapes and blob-like beings and photographs of geographical features, a story of creation, with several texts in English and Icelandic, four booklets sewn together, 30 x 21 cm, 36 not numbered pages total, comes with a folded A2 poster, signed ed/50, Amsterdam 2019