The Phonografik Collectivo

Pigford, Ashley John + Tricia Treacy (Eds.)

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contributions by 17 artists that were given 1 phoneme (sound) per person to base their artworks on, the graphic expression, name and pronunciation is stated for each phoneme, ‘Through the project we intended to create and exchange original, experimental typographic/hand-lettered/calligraphic artworks as contemporary translations of the common phonemes that unite many of our world’s phonographic languages, represented by the Phoenician alphabet.’ a short biography of each artist is in the end of the book and a few sentences about their process in making the artworks, the book is printed with risograph and digital press, the cover is made with letterpress, every copy is hand bound in an elaborate design.

Soft cover, 24,5 x 15 cm, 60 pages, n.p. 2016